About Our Charts

Tips for Buying a Printed Nautical Chart

Our NOAA printed charts are printed when you order them, and contain the latest updates as published by NOAA. They are available in the following materials: 

  • Water Resistant: Printed on water resistant paper, delivered in a rolled format.
  • Waterproof: Printed on a fully waterproof synthetic material, delivered in a rolled format.
  • Tyvek®: printed on a durable, foldable, water- and tear proof material, *not intended to meet U.S. or IMO carriage requirements.
  • Tri-fold: comes as a convenient 7" x 12" tri-fold. Length varies by chart number.
  • Traditional: Printed on cream-colored paper, with warm/muted ink tones, imitating the look of original lithograph NOAA charts. Shipped rolled.
  • Small Format: Folded full size chart to scale printed ½ front, ½ back on 21" wide paper, *not intended to meet U.S. or IMO carriage requirements.
  • Wall Decal: printed on repositionable removable material for indoor applications.

 What Chart Material is Best for the Boat? 

  • Water-resistant charts are the most popular. They, like the Tyvek and Waterproof charts, come rolled. They're easy to fold for use on the boat, just ask us.
  • Tyvek and Waterproof charts completely resist the elements, and will last a long time. The Tyvek is a bit lighter and more flexible. 
  • Tri-fold charts come conveniently pre-folded. Some people store them on the boat in plastic bags. 

Can I Return or Get a Refund on a Chart? 

Since we print your charts specifically for you when we receive your order, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. However if we've make an error, we'll be sure to fix it for you! Just let us know.